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If you're a busy Agent who wants to have a Rock Star Assistant running your business along with you, then you probably already know you need to provide training for them.

You've had the right intention to train them, but you either don't have the time or feel overwhelmed. How can you give them the basic training while you're still going out to sell real estate? Where do you start?





You finally hired your assistant!


Whether you went through an agency, or hired them on your own, you've been through the interviews, reference checks and finally made your decision. Now, you're one step closer to delegating tasks and growing your business.

But, do you know where to start in terms of training them for the best success in supporting you and your business?

Are you wondering how you'll get them up-to-speed quickly on real estate terminology and the process of buying and selling? How will you set it up so they can successfully support you?


You don't have to make it up yourself and do it alone. We have guided and supported many Agents and their Assistants to work well as a team. You don’t have to do it all from scratch!


We've spent thousands of dollars learning (through trial and error) what NOT to do. We want to help you avoid those same mistakes. We’re here to guide you and your assistant on what TO DO for the best chance for success when starting their new role with you. We have reduced the learning curve of new Real Estate assistants so that they start out with good habits that are beneficial not only to you, their Agent, and your office, but to your clients and the long-lasting relationships with your clients.

We understand what it’s like to onboard new assistants. And, training a new assistant can be so overwhelming especially when you’re still trying to run a business, prospect and support existing contracted clients. If it’s your first-ever assistant, you probably haven’t even put together a training manual with checklists and other repeatable systems specific to your business.

Let our team give you and your assistant structure, tools, resources, templates, scripts, and best practices tips for your business to have greater success.

Kathleen has a deep and broad knowledge of how business systems work and can help you build efficient & profitable systems to maximize your own business.
— TOM HINKENS, Lompoc, California

By the end of the training course your assistant will have the tools and resources to immediately…

  • Communicate confidently and systematically with you, your clients and your team

  • Provide excellent customer service that makes a lasting impression

  • Manage the selling/buying process from contract to closing

  • Maintain long-lasting relationships with clients for repeat business




  • Minimize and eliminate overwhelm of having to provide your own training with 24/7 access to self-guided Real Estate training modules of curated, real-life-packed content from seasoned, administrative/HR/ Real Estate professionals. Your assistant can go at their own pace any time of day. Each module has been chunked out into digestible lesson videos.

  • Instant access to downloadable handouts and proven templates, checklists, and scripts that you and your Assistant can start using immediately to get more systematic and grow your business (Value of $1,617).

Bonus when you sign up today:

  • Access to your own Bonus Agent Module (Value of $1,100)


  • Let your assistant learn as much as they can as quickly as they can for your job with instant access to hours of real-life-packed training materials. They’ll learn lessons and tools from seasoned, successful Real Estate agents, consultants and support staff and be able to start out with the best practices and tools out there for creating productive administrative and systematic habits for your office and business.

  • Tons of handouts and proven templates, checklists, and scripts that you and your Assistant can start using immediately to provide exceptional customer service that lends itself to developing life-long customers.

  • Ability to ask specific questions of the instructors through the REA 101 Discussion Forum for additional guidance or questions that come up during the training

  • Worksheets for taking prompted notes throughout each of the 13 modules.

  • Transcription of the audio of all lessons

Bonus when you sign up today:

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group with other REA 101 participants

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Kathleen has the keen ability to see both the possibilities and the opportunity for people and situations. She is loyal and looks out for what’s best for everyone. Her sense of humor inspires people to enjoy the journey! I hired her. You should, too!
— Cathy Anderson, Real Estate Business Coach, Springfield, Vermont

REA 101 is right for you and your assistant if you’re...

  • Not prepared to train your new assistant because you haven’t developed your own systems or you don’t have a training manual

  • Worried you don’t have the time or resources to train your assistant on best Real Estate office practices

  • Concerned your new assistant won’t get up to speed on Real Estate specific terminology, policies, and processes

  • Ready to be able to focus on selling and prospecting

  • Tired and frustrated with having to train another assistant

  • Ready for access to proven Real Estate industry specific systems, templates, checklists from experts who have gone through the ringer and learned the hard (and expensive) ways of WHAT NOT TO DO.


REA 101 Registration


Kathleen is amazing at training assistants as well as agents.


Our training team has been on ALL sides of real estate - selling, buying, administration, marketing, transaction coordination, HR, team management, risk management, office policy creation and enforcement, you name it...we’ve done many times that we have core principles that we guide our Agents and their assistants through and they come out more focused, systematic and successful. 

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