You are not alone

If you feel like you’re missing the steps, tools, and courage you need to be the boss or leader you want to be, you’re in good company. Many Top Producing Agents and entrepreneurs find themselves in a position where they know how to sell, but they don’t yet know how to hire, train or manage a staff. You are smart! You are successful! You can learn how to do this too!

Whether you’re looking to hire your first assistant or you already have an existing team, this is the perfect time to invest in yourself and your business.

You’ve probably got that entrepreneurial drive that entices you into wanting more, growing, achieving, expanding forward. I know that you’ve already achieved a certain level of success in what you do and you just can’t get to that place where you feel confident in your ability to handle your staff or a team.




With your success you’ve started to build your staff and team.

You want to start off on the right foot with less trial and error. Chances are you’ve attended and bought your fair share of trainings and seminars (and even coaching) to help you to grow and evolve to push through to the success you are driven to achieve. Again, you’re in good company.

But you haven’t found the guidance you need to be a better manager or leader to your staff so that your business can take off.

Do you avoid uncomfortable situations or get upset when you see the SAME issues over and over again with your staff?


Do you wish your assistant could read your mind and know what you need done?

Do you micromanage or clutch on to MOST tasks needed in your office instead of relinquishing some control over to your staff?


Have your systems reached maximum capacity or are you lacking structure on what systems your office needs altogether?

Don’t know when to hire or who to hire at what point?


Don’t know what questions to ask to make sure you’re hiring the right assistant?


How do you get unstuck and get from HERE to where you know you WANT TO BE?
If you’ve nodded along to some of these familiar feelings, there is hope!!

Kathleen Metcalf is invaluable when having an assistant. I call her the HR Department - making sure I am in line with my employee - both good and bad. The monthly coaching was invaluable for the assistant to stay focused and for me to make sure I was allowing her to do her job. I would recommend everyone with an employee have this coaching and training.
— Tammy Waugh, Tampa, Florida

a bridge to your staff

I’m here to serve as the bridge between you and your staff, to coach and guide you into being the leader you want to be.

I will guide you from where you are now, through the sticky, messy, foggy, and uncertain steps to where you are inspired and effective, both in your business and with your team.

I’ll shine my flashlight on the stepping stones you’ll need to move toward your goals.

I can help lead you. It will take work on your part to accept where you are and have the courage to change. I’ll have your back EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Together we’ll make it through the journey to success that many other entrepreneurs have made with me.

Group and 1-on-1 coaching sessions come with complimentary lifetime access to the online and on-demand REA 101 training program. REA 101 has 13 content-packed modules and over 38 templates, handouts, and scripts that can be used right away.

Kathleen is a great person to work with. Professional. Diligent. Empathetic. My company loves her. Feel free to tell the world I said this.
— Cesar Espinoza, Equity Real Estate, Houston,Texas

Do you have that self-ignited, internal motivation that’s in the back of your mind ALL-THE-TIME, nudging you further and further forward to achieve?



You’ll be guided through overcoming your specific obstacles and given the tools to move STRATEGICALLY toward achieving your own goals for your business and your team.

Wonder if we may be a good fit?

See for yourself. Let’s connect.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute call to see how I may be able to support you and your goals. I know first-hand what major business and personal challenges feel like and I have evolved and triumphed. 


Not sure you’re ready for 1-on-1 or group coaching with your assistant just yet?

Our self-guided course, REA 101: The Essential Guide for New Real Estate Assistants in their First 90 Days on the Job, may be just what you need to get your assistant started.


Don’t have an assistant yet?

Our partners can help. Find out what you need to know to hire a Rock Star Assistant.

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